Intern Program News

We are so happy to have eight interns with us this year! Four are at the Lower Campus, and four are at the Upper Campus.

Intern placement is as follows:
Lower Campus:
Ludivine Grespier works with Mmes Bolar Boly and Rddad.
Julie Aelion Works with Mmes Harberts and Rivard.
Manon Jaquemin-Foudrat works with Mmes Faltesek and Ananou.
Diane Durey works with Mmes Stephenson and Handley.

Upper Campus:
Claire Ferté works with Mlles Geimer and Gagnaire and Mme Swann.
Manon Parageaud works with Mmes Dubaille and Klein,
Yacine Moumene works with Mmes Scholl and Vang and M. Mang.
Nadir Essediri works with Mmes Tran and Solachava.

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